Help move the South Loop Bridge on Friday afternoon and get to ride

To all,


We need help moving the bridge with handrails on South Loop back into place. It's 40 ft from where it needs to be. If we get enough folks to jump in we can pick the sucker up and move it easily.

So here is the incentive - Bring your bike and help move the bridge and you get a free pass to ride the trail.

Meet Dave Hamilton in the parking lot at 5pm tomorrow (Friday, 10/9). You will be riding out to the South Loop site and help move it. We need a lot of hands for this to make it easy. Bring boots to change into once there at the bridge site. The ground is soft and some folks will have to get in the creek to help strattle it on each bankside.

If it is raining at 5pm, then the whole thing is off. This is one of the two final hurdles in getting the trail open for public use.


Thanks for your support,

Jay Wilkes

Pres - SORBA Woodstock