Blankets Creek to get better parking lot amenities via County Commissioners/Park Bond

Thanks to the park bond referendum that Cherokee County voters approved last November and with help of Karen Bosch - County Commissioner, Blankets will have better amenities. The county commissioners approved this week the purchase of the land next door to Blankets. This is the 5 acre tract located between Blankets Creek Parking Lot and Sixes Presbyterian Church. This will allow parking lot expansion, permanent bathrooms, pavillion, etc... A big thanks to Karen Bosch for making Blankets Creek even better!

Here is the article from the Cherokee Tribune:


Commissioners OK three new park purchases
by the Cherokee Tribune staff

Cherokee County is staying a little greener with a vote by the Board of Commissioners to make another park land grab.

The board on Tuesday night approved the purchase of three parcels of land using funds from the $90 million parks bond.

The sites are: 150 acres on Highway 20 in Macedonia for $30,000 an acre; 39 acres on Highway 92 in southwest Cherokee for $1.55 million; and 5.2 acres on Sixes Road adjacent to Blankets Creek for $275,000 for parking and restroom facilities for the Blankets Creek Trails.