Chapter Meeting - this Monday at Summit Tavern

It's that time of year again to move the chapter meetings indoors to the fall/winter locations due to fading daylight.

We will be having our October Chapter Meeting at Summit Wayside Tavern on Towne Lake Park next Monday, 10/12 at 7pm.

We will be talking about the latest and greatest in happenings. Hope to see you there!

TRAIL UPDATE: Lots of folks have been asking so here is the latest state. The water has receded on all trails. We have two issues to resolve before opening. The boardwalk area between the steel bridge and the Dwelling trailhead is quite the biohazard quagmire full of dead fish and unknown substances...Yuck!!! The boardwalk is in pieces and unuseable so we really need to let this area dry out (if it will ever stop raining). The other issue is on South Loop where the bridge (with handrails) is 40 ft from the creek and needs to be moved in place.

Let me know if you interested in helping move the South Loop bridge. We have a crew of folks going out on Friday afternoon around 5pm to move it but we need more hands to help.