Board of Directors Nominations for 2014

It's that time of year again and the SORBA Woodstock Board of Directors have made their nominations for all of the board positions for the 2014 year. At our November 11th chapter meeting we will formally announce the nominations and invite members to make nominations of their own. Here's the process:

3) Election and Tenure of Board of Directors Officers

1. Qualifications

a. Any member of the Chapter meeting the following prerequisites may hold any Chapter office.

1. Participation in one Chapter work party

2. Participation in one Chapter ride

3. Attendance of two monthly Chapter meetings

b. No one member may occupy more than one position on the Chapter Board of Directors.

c. A Trail Director must be a Certified Crew Leader for a minimum of two years.

d. A Mountain Bike Patrol Director must have served as a Certified NMBP member for a minimum of one year.

2. Nomination of Officers

a. Nominations by the Chapter Board of Directors

The Chapter Board of Directors shall, at its regular November meeting, each year, nominate officers for the term beginning January 1 of the following year. A person shall be deemed nominated if, on the vote upon the nominations for that office, s/he receives at least two votes and meets the qualifications as set-forth in VIII 3-1

b. Nominations by Membership

Any member not nominated by the board of directors may be nominated for any office upon the request of at least five members, other than officers, of the Chapter provided they meet the qualifications as set-forth in VII 3-1. Such request may be made orally at the nominations meeting or in writing at any time before the nominations are closed.

3. Notification of Membership

The Chapter membership shall be notified each year, prior to the November meeting, of the nomination process and date of the meeting.

4. Closing of Nominations

The Chapter Board of Directors shall fix a date for the closing of nominations for the members no earlier than the last day of November.

5. Election of the Chapter Board of Directors

Chapter officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the membership of the Chapter. Ballots shall be delivered to members no later than the 31st day of December.

6. Newly elected officers shall take office on the 1st day of January, and the members shall be notified as soon as practical of the results of the election.

We will close nominations on November 30th.

The following are the 2014 board positions and who the Board of Directors nominations are for them: 

President - Jay Wilkes

Vice President - Bill Blount

Secretary - Andrew Yun

Treasurer - Chris Griffin

Trail Director-Blankets Creek - Gary Moore

Trail Director-Rope Mill - Charlie Shultz

Bike Patrol Director - Mark Taylor

Trail Advocacy Director - John Hicks

Membership Director - Dave Saigh