Board of Directors Nominations for 2016

It's that time of year again when we elect our board of directors for next year. The current board met Monday night to make our nominations. If you are an IMBA/SORBA member and have designated yourself in the Woodstock Chapter, you are eligible to run, nominate and vote for our officer positions. Any Woodstock Chapter member can be nominated for a position by collecting 5 Woodstock Chapter members signatures and submitting to the current board by November 30, 2015. Voting by Woodstock Chapter members will be held at the chapter Christmas party in December. That date and place will be announced shortly.

Here are the current nominees:
President - Gary Moore
Vice President - Angela Chambers
Secretary - Bob Pinkowski
Treasurer - Leigh Pruitt
Trail Director - Kelly Pruitt
Bike Patrol Director - Will Merrill
Member At-Large - Jay Wilkes

In addition, we have named the following Board Appointed Leaders for 2016:
Trail Coordinator - Chris Wright
Trail Coordinator - Carl Wells
Webmaster - Jeff Murchison
Journalist - Lisa Randall
Trail Ambassador - Dave Saigh

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