June Chapter Meeting

We had another significant turnout for our June meeting following the evening's group ride. Good to see some new faces around the circle too.

Thank you to Prestige Medical Group for sponsoring the evening meal of pizza and salad and for their generous donation of an additional $900 to the Fierce Trail fund! Dr. Anil Yadav, who is an avid rider and member was on hand to introduce his practice to us and to offer SORBA members a free body analysis. Located on Sixes Road, Prestige Medical Group offers plans to help you use health weight, nutrition and exercise towards good health. They incorporate various modalities such as traditional medicine, integrative protocols, holistic care and medical cosmetic procedures towards this goal.

Our President Jay Wilkes was happy to report that funding for the Fierce Trail at Rope Mill Park continues to grow. The moneys contributed to SORBA for the Free-Flite Challenge easily exceeded the goal set by Dan Thronton, Lisa Randall of Mountain Goat Adventures gave us a generous check, MBA has worked hard to collect an impressive amount of donations, and we hope to see more contributions in the coming months. Thanks to everyone who has helped us out.

Blankets Creek Trail Director Gary Moore brought us up to speed on the volunteer hours for the work parties so far this year and mentioned that a few folks have already earned rewards for their work. Look for more news from Gary in our June newsletter.

In the future you'll be seeing meeting minutes from our new Secretary, Derrick Fitzgerald who didn't have enough to do as Assistant Trail Director. Congrats Derrick.

SORBA alumni Scott Stewart stopped by for a visit all the way from his new home base of Texas and it was a great to see him at the meeting.

See you in July!

The downhill trail at Blankets is not opened yet. Please stay off closed trails.

Our volunteers have been putting in numerous hours during the freezing winter weather to build a new downhill run at Blankets Creek, but the construction is not completed yet.  There are signs stating that it is closed and there is orange tape across the entrance and exit.  There are sections that are not completed and sections still under construction, and if people continue to ride this unfinished trail, then the opening could be delayed or worst case scenario prevent the trail from being opened.  Please respect the signs posted and give our volunteers who are still working on the project some respect and wait until it is opened so that it can be enjoyed for years to come for everyone.  We are hoping for a few more weeks, but it depends on the construction progress.  We will make a big announcement when it is opened and ready to ride, but until that date, please do not ride a closed and unfinished trail. 

On another note, we have had reports of motorcycles and motorized scooters on the Taylor Randahl Trails at Rope Mill.  This is not allowed, and the police department is aware of this issue.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed on trails that are designated for mountain biking, so if you see one, then please try to get a tag number and a description of the person and call 911 to report it.   

Website Stats

I have always found statistics interesting when it comes to technology and having a career in IT I used them daily. Recently I give some of the iPhone app stats and now it's time for the website stats. 


 The Green lower line is the amount of unique visitors to the site and the gray line is the page views by those visitors. As you can see when the trails are closed we get more page views as everyone wants to know if the trail is open.

First off it's now 2011, Windows XP was released in 2001 it's time to upgrade people. Windows 7 is a much better operating system and is much more secure that alone should be reason enough. For you people still using IE 6 please upgrade to IE 8/9 or better yet use Google Chrome.



Nosurprises here, most visit the home page or want some trail information.


Seems most of you come directly to here followed by finding us via the SORBA website.


Trail Counters Update

First up is the lap counts for the 3 main trails. 

 *Trails Closed: 10 Days in September, 13 Days in October, and 3 Days in November


Now we have the combined lap counts for the 3 main trails

 *Trails Closed: 10 Days in September, 13 Days in October, and 3 Days in November


Last we have the trail head counter which counts each time an object moves by the donation box

*These are the raw counts of clicks as people pass the donation box, our rule of thumb is to divide the number by 2 as this will account for entering and exiting the trail

IMBA-SORBA Woodstock Trains Mountain Bike Patrollers

When you ride the Blankets Creek Mountain Bike Trails there is a good chance that you will encounter one of the National Mountain Bike Patrol (NMBP) members who ride those trails regularly.  The Woodstock Chapter of IMBA-SORBA recently conducted training to certify 28 bike patrollers.  This is twice the number of patrollers trained in recent years and represents one of the largest NMBP groups in the world. 

IMBA's National Mountain Bike Patrol program organizes and supports more than 60 volunteer bike patrol groups throughout the United States and the world.  The NMBP consists of dedicated volunteers partnering with land mangers, land owners and emergency personnel, to assist, educate and inform all trail users in order to enhance their recreational experience. 

  1. Assist in medical and mechanical emergencies
  2. Educate trail users of proper etiquette
  3. Inform land managers, owners and trail users of trail conditions through monitoring efforts  

There are three mandatory requirements for membership as a patroller: 

  1. Current certification in Basic First Aid and CPR
  2. Successful completion of a mountain bike patrol training course
  3. A passing grade on the NMBP Patroller online certification exam

The Woodstock Chapter of IMBA-SORBA works closely with the Cherokee County Office of Fire Emergency Services to ensure rapid response to injured riders at Blankets Creek.  The Bridge Mill Fire Station has a Gator ATV that they use to extract injured riders from the trails who are unable to walk out on their own.  When the location of a down rider is closer to Lake Allatoona than the trailhead, they use watercraft to transport riders across the lake to emergency care.  With very good cell phone service at Blankets Creek, dialing 911 will spring these emergency professionals into action.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are calling 911 at Blankets Creek, it is important to specifically request a response from the Bridge Mill Fire Station.  Other stations responding do not have access to the Gator making the extraction process more difficult. The Chapter is currently working with Cherokee County to implement a trail marking system that will provide emergency responders the ability to pinpoint the location of a down rider and determine the shortest route possible to reach them. 

The Woodstock Chapter will soon be adding additional volunteers to increase the presence of trained volunteers on the Blankets Creek trails.   The NMBP Trail Ambassador program offers a low barrier to entry and gives mountain bikers the chance to volunteer while riding.  Trail Ambassadors are knowledgeable volunteers who assist trail users to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable experience while riding. Mountain bikers who are looking for a way to volunteer while they are out on the trail doing what they love - riding - are invited to join this innovative program. 

Ambassadors will work directly in cooperation with the NMBP at Blankets Creek. Unlike members of the National Mountain Bike Patrol, IMBA Trail Ambassadors are not required to hold formal medical training, such as CPR or First Aid. 

If you are interested in becoming a NMBP or Trail Ambassador member at Blankets Creek, contact bikepatrol@sorbawoodstock.org.  It is a great way to volunteer and make the riding experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone who rides this outstanding trail system.